Christmas Storage Reels, Line Winder Rope Storage Organizer, Cord Winder – Kord Kaddy Patent Pending (Orange)

Tangled Christmas lights, ropes, cords, and more are a thing of the past with KORD KADDY! Kord Kaddy is an easy-to-use storage device, armed with a handle for convenient winding with an effortless twirl of the wrist. The custom designed “Kaddy-Trap,” in four locations, allows you to anchor and secure each end of your rope, cord or string of christmas lights to facilitate uncomplicated winding and secure storing. The “Kaddy-Hook” in the handle also offers problem-free storing in your closet or cabinet and the perfect method to display on j-hooks, wire lines, etc. if need be. Kord Kaddy, aka Knot-No-More, removes the frustration of twists and tangles. The simple solution has arrived! Patent Pending

When Christmas comes around, the excitement of putting up bright christmas lights and decorations is dampened by reality of tangled, knotted wires and cords. Untangling is frustrating and can lead to broken lights and wires. KORD KADDY (Patent Pending) is the simple solution to the age-old problem of tangled cords and Christmas String Lights for all kinds of uses in all kinds of industries and activities. Our Christmas lights storage reels allow safe storage and organization of string lights, Christmas tree lights, Holiday Lights, Party lights, as well as ropes, wires, and cords. Kord Kaddy Holiday Light Storage Organizer is an essential storage tool for Christmas Lights Storage. A Better alternative to Christmas Light Storage Container, Storage Duffel and Storage Box.

Kord Kaddy Line Winder Rope Organizer allows you to quickly wind paracord rope lines, ski ropes, tow rope lines, tube rope lines and other sorts of lines. Use Kord Kaddy as Waterski and Towable Line Winder. Ideal Rope Organizer for your Shop, Garage and Home.You can also use Kord Kaddy as paracord line winder, ski rope organizer, waterski ropes line winder and towable tube ropes line winder.


Product Features

  • Knot-No-More!!! A lightweight (approximately 8 oz.), high-impact polypropylene plastic that keeps ropes, cords, cables, wires, and Christmas lights tangle-free. And it floats!
  • Four cord traps anchor the ends of your items conveniently and securely
  • Strong handle with hook for easy winding, storage, and display
  • Holds up to 75 ft. of Rope/Cord and 40 ft. of Christmas/Holiday/Party String Lights
  • See 3-pak for discount!