Ski Camera for Your Helmets, Beanies, & Hats. Fits Your Smartphone iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More

This strap let’s you do it all, from filming from your head, to your hat, beanies, and more. This universal strap let’s your get videos from the best device, your smartphone. So turn your smartphone into an action camera and save some serious cash. If you own a GoPro already, then you’re set because our head strap is compatible with GoPro. Sometimes it’s easier to film with your phone on a short ride for a few minutes worth of footage, you can then easily upload and share directly from your phone. Whereas it’s kind of a hassle to do that with a GoPro, a GoPro is more suitable for lengthy more extreme rides. So grab one of these today and start filming right away with your favorite device.

Product Features

  • The best ski camera for your helmet, the phone that’s sitting in your pocket. This camera mount fits all smartphones and is great for all types of skiing, casual to extreme.
  • Position your camera in front of your ski goggles so you can view your video live and instantly, so you know exactly which footage you’re capturing. Mounting your phone to your head will allow you to film true POV angle, right from your eyeballs.
  • Included (1) Head strap (1) Smartphone Clamp – Head strap designed to fit on helmets, beanies, hats, and over any sized head. 100% adjustable strap to fit all sizes, equipped with adhesive glue so the strap won’t slip off during rides. Strong and flexible. Turn your smartphone into a powerful action ski camera.
  • Your phone is 100% secure, equipped with inner rubber grips to hold your phone in place, this mount has been tested up to 80mph without any problems. You can ski down the mountain with confidence.
  • Adjust the angle of your video 180 degrees, the phone mount can swivel up and down so you can easily choose the angle of your shot, with a simple adjustment, you have many options to choose from. Film from different angles to make a more interesting video.