Fischer Profoil Transalp/Stella Alpina Climbing Skins Pre-Cut Transalp 88mm/Stella Alpina 88mm, 170cm

Skiers have been using some variation of fur climbing skins since early hunters first strapped seal skins to the bases of their skis. Never a company to miss an opportunity to innovate, Fischer has created a new and unique climbing skin with its Profoil Transalp/Stella Alpina Climbing Skins, which behave like a separate plastic base material that attaches to your skis that will climb and glide similarly to traditional synthetic/mohair climbing skins. One of the major benefits of the Profoil material is that it’s waterproof, so the skins are a great choice if you find yourself skinning a lot in wet and gloppy snow. They also offer 20% more glide, so you can go ahead and lengthen your stride during those long, rolling tours. This version of the Profoil is only compatible with the Fischer Transalp 88 ski and Alpina Stella 88 Ski due to the fast-fix front attachment system.

Product Features

  • Material: Profoil
  • Tip Attachment: fast-fix
  • Tail Attachment: i-clip
  • Compatibility: Fischer Transalp 88 ski, Alpina Stella 88 ski
  • Length: 156 cm, 170 cm, 177 cm, 184 cm