Helmet Hawks Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk w/Sticky Velcro Adhesive – Fluorescent Lime Green

Helmet Hawks-Make Them Notice

These Helmet Hawks Brand Mohawks can be used on multiple types of Helmets; Motorcycle, Motocross, Snowmobile, ATV, BMX, and Bicycle Helmets. Construction workers even put them on their hard hats to show some character. These will make you more visible at races.

Key Functions:Fast and Easy InstallationHigh Quality Adhesive VelcroEasily Removable Without Damaging Your HelmetCut, Style, & Wash Just Like Real HairCustomizable to Fit Your StyleSize 12″ Long Adhesive Velcro Mohawk
This is a HOT item because it makes you stand out from the others, gain attention, and bring some more fun into the sport. (Helmet NOT Included)

Product Features

  • Color: Fluorescent Lime Green
  • Size: 12″ Long 3″ Tall
  • Applicable for: Motorcycle Helmets, Motocross Helmets, Snowmobile Helmets, ATV Helmets, and Bike Helmets
  • Fast and Easy Installation with Sticky Adhesive Velcro
  • Helmet Hawk Brand Ships & Sold from California USA