2019 Head Absolut Joy Women’s Skis w/Joy 9 AC SLR GW Bindings (143 cm)

The 2019 Head Absolut Joy Skis are a great choice for intermediate skiers who spend the majority of their time on groomed terrain. Most skiers in this range have the desire for lightweight equipment. With the 2019 Head Absolut Joy skis, you’ll get that and more. When you can manipulate the skis easier, you’ll have more fun. The whole point is to enjoy yourself, and Head not only figured it out, but named the ski after it too. You will have an absolute blast skiing these skis, and the end result will be fun and improvement. The best thing that can happen as an intermediate skier is to learn how to link beautifully carved turns the whole way down. Once you can do this, the whole mountain can become your playground. The lightweight core has some graphene in it for performance and quickness. The tip rocker is low and the camber underfoot is appropriate for learning how to appropriately carve. At 79 mm underfoot, the skis have an awesome capability to handle a lot of different snow types and conditions. It’s a nice, solid platform to stand on that will help your confidence and balance at the same time. With a 13.5 meter turn radius at 163 cm length, the skis will come right around when you engage the tips. Feel free to stand right on the edges of the skis, because although they are an intermediate level ski, they still perform to a higher level. The 2019 Head Absolut Joy Skis are the perfect tool for intermediate skiers looking to gain confidence in their carving abilities.

Product Features

  • Sidecut: 129/79/109 mm at 163 cm length Turn Radius: 13.5 meters at 163 cm length
  • Composite Core
  • Graphene
  • Sidewall construction
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers