nuVent SD1001 BLACKUPS Boot and Shoe Dryer, Black

This NuVent SD Series device utilizes cool air circulation and inhibits odor due to bacterial growth in wet shoes. For the active runner, hiker, construction worker, rancher, commuter, or walker. Blue collar, white collar, or no collar – there’s nothing worse than starting your day off with wet shoes. Well now you don’t have to, with the NuVent Boot and Shoe Dryer. The NuVent boot and shoe dryer dries using only air, not heat, so your shoes are safe from heat damage to the leather or synthetic material.

Product Features

  • Can dry in less than 2 hours
  • Easy storage – drying tubes are collapsible and store inside the unit
  • Will not damage waterproof technical fabrics found in many athletic shoes
  • Prevents bacteria growth, thereby reducing odors
  • Ideal for athletic running shoes, work boots, kids shoes, ski boots and will not harm leather