BootYo! XL Extra Long by Mt Sun Gear Ski Boot and Snowboard Boot Carrier Straps Great for ice Skates, Rollerblades or Footwear! (Black XL)

The BootYo! XL Ski boot carrier strap is the same as the original lightweight ski boot tote, just longer. BootYo! XL allows you to easily carry your ski boots hands free so you can grab all of your other gear, manage children and their gear, or maybe even carry your favorite beverage to or from the lodge. Small and light- fits easily in your pocket. It is also a great way to attach your boots to your pack while walking to the lodge, through the airport, or storage.

Product Features

  • LONGER STRAP- 38″ strap is 12″ longer than the original for those who want boots lower or are taller. Keeps hands free for skis, ski poles, kids gear, beverage, etc.
  • SAVES YOUR GEAR- The strap is designed to prevent premature wear of the power strap on ski boots- a vital element to making the boots perform as designed.
  • CONVENIENT- Very small and lightweight- easily stores in your ski jacket pocket or stuffs in your shoes till you are ready to leave the mountain.
  • BOMBPROOF- Strong and durable- guaranteed against defects. Perfect to attach boots to your pack to carry on a plane.
  • IDEAL FOR WET BOOTS- The BootYo! Boot Strap is an ideal addition to a ski boot bag- it eliminates wet boots in with your expensive ski clothing or ski goggles at the end of the day.