Ski Poles – Zipline Kevlar Graphite Hybrid Composite “Podium 14.0 K” U.S. Freestyle Ski Team Official Ski Pole (52″ Inches / 132 cm)

Official Ski pole of the US Freestyle Ski Team. Used by top mogul skiers on the US Ski Team like Patrick Deneen, Joe Discoe, K.C. Oakley plus many Canadian Freestyle Ski Team athletes like Matt Joosten and Julie Bergeron and NorAm skiers Danial Tanner and Searik Markle. What other piece of ski equipment to you really “touch” other than your ski pole? Tennis and Golf are all about “feel” so why shouldn’t skiing? A ski pole is crucial to your timing on the mountain and our graphite technology offers the ultimate best in vibration dampening for the World Cup skier to the weekend warrior. Graphite offers you the ability to “feel” the mountain without initial shock normally associated with aluminum ski poles. Unlike other competitors attempts to produce graphite ski pole which have resulted in a “spaghetti noodle” pole that flexes so much there is no “touch” on your pole plant, Zipline uses Tri X Weave Technology for both touch and feel … so “Come feel the difference” with Zipline poles. * Tri-X Weave Graphite Composite Technology for ultra lightweight performance. * Stiff and lightweight shaft with ultimate vibration dampening * 14mm straight “pencil” shaft results in light “swing weight” * “Clear View” graphics reveals the Graphite Composite material * Unlike untapered “pencil” poles Zipline are lighter in the tip than the handle for quicker pole plants * Proprietary “Zip Touch” grip for improved feel * Separate “Trigger finger” shape for better feel * Dual core Thermoplastic material for vibration dampening and feel * Zipline “Zip Strap” * Customize the strap fit and avoid the strap “fluttering” in the wind as you scream down the Zipline for the World Cup mogul judges * Proprietary “Zip Light” ultra light basket for quicker pole plants. * Hexagon shaped thermoplastic basket easily snaps in place * Proprietary “Zip Tip” with Carbide Tip for secure pole plants * 5 unique channels in the Nylon tip design for lightweight performance.

Product Features

  • KEVLAR GRAPHITE HYBRID TECHNOLOGY – Ultra Lightweight Performance, 14.0 mm straight pole
  • U.S. Freestyle Ski Team – Choice of U.S Ski Team Athletes K.C. Oakley, Olympians Laura Grasemann (Germany), Jimi Salonen (Finland), and Tevje Andersen (Norway) along with World Cup skier Adrien Bouard of the Germany
  • FREE SKIERS Jamie and Jeannie Crane Mauzy Choose Zipline
  • DUAL DENSITY GRIP – Improved grip for better feel. TUNGSTEN TIP – Precise pole plans in the hardest of snow conditions
  • SUPER LIGHT – Graphite Technology provides effortless swing weight