Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles (Petrol, 105 cm)

Product Features

  • So you’ve got a little ripper at home and they’re ready for their first set of poles. The Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Poles are a great choice for your little one.
  • The lightweight 14 mm aluminum alloy shafts are light-weight making it easy for kids to hold and use. But kids aren’t always so easy on their equipment. That’s no issue with these poles. The aluminum shafts are still strong enough to survive most of the abuse that kids can put them through.
  • The ergonomic grip is also very durable. Made from hard plastic, it is still comfortable and provides a good handle for little hands to hold on to. A standard nylon pole strap will help make sure no one loses their poles. A color matched, on-piste basket at the bottom makes this a perfect pole for trail skiing.
  • 14 mm Aluminum Alloy Shaft, Color Matched Baskets, & Black Ergonomic Grip