Ski Wall Storage Rack | Steel Home and Garage Skis Mount | StoreYourBoard

Made by StoreYourBoard, the leaders in outdoor sports gear storage, the Home Utility Ski Rack is a strong, versatile storage solution for all your skis and snowboards!

How Many Skis Will it Hold?: The Home Utility Ski Rack has four pairs of 12″ arms that allow you to store up to 8 pairs of parabolic skis or 16 pairs of straight skis with their poles. This rack can hold over 100 pounds’ worth of skis, snowboards, and other winter gear–perfect for all your winter sports storage needs!

Durable and Compact Wall Storage: Built from solid steel, this rack is incredible study and when installed into studs it can hold more than 100 pounds! Coated with a durable powder coat finish to protect against scratching, this rack looks good and maintains its form over time. The long arms allow for a maximum amount of storage while only taking up 34″ of wall space!

Versatility: This rack can fit all types of skis including race, normal, powder, and rocker. Poles, snowboards, helmets, goggles and other winter gear can also fit comfortably on this versatile rack. This makes it great for your home, garage, ski rental, ski shop, or lodge.

Product Dimensions:
-34″ wide, 3″ tall on the wall
-12″ long arms
-1″ gap between arms, 7.5″ between sets of arms
-16″ between mounting holes
-Mounting hardware included (3 lag screws and 3 washers)

Product Features

  • DURABLE: Made of solid steel and can hold over 100 lbs
  • CAPACITY: Holds up to 8 parabolic skis or 16 straight skis
  • VERSATILE: Can hold all types of skis, snowboards, and other winter gear
  • COMPACT: Only 34″ wide against the wall