Zipline Ski Poles Kevlar Graphite Hybrid Composite Podium 14.0 K U.S. Freestyle Ski Team Official Ski Pole (40″ Inches/102 cm)

Official Ski pole of the US Ski Team.In the Podium 14.0 Kevlar Graphite Hybrid poles, you’ll find an ultralight yet stiff (vibration reducing) companion for the slopes. We’ve added the dual density, thermoplastic (TPU) ZipGrip for consistent feel and grip in the coldest weather, and the Velcro ZipStrap for quick adjustment. You get great feel, responsiveness, and a custom fit, all in one.

Product Features

  • KEVLAR GRAPHITE HYBRID TECHNOLOGY – Ultra Lightweight Performance, 14.0 mm straight pole
  • U.S. Freestyle Ski Team – Choice of U.S Ski Team Athletes K.C. Oakley, Olympians Laura Grasemann (Germany), Jimi Salonen (Finland), and Tevje Andersen (Norway) along with World Cup skier Adrien Bouard of the Germany
  • FREE SKIERS Jamie and Jeannie Crane Mauzy Choose Zipline
  • DUAL DENSITY GRIP – Improved grip for better feel. TUNGSTEN TIP – Precise pole plans in the hardest of snow conditions
  • SUPER LIGHT – Graphite Technology provides effortless swing weight