Lucky Bums Wooden Heirloom Kids Skis With Bindings, 90 cm

Lucky Bums Wooden Heirloom Kids Skis With Bindings
The whole family can get in on the downhill action when you strap your little one into these Wooden Heirloom Kids Skis with Bindings from Lucky Bums.
Whether they’re just learning to ski, getting comfortable in their gear, or playing on some bunny hills, kids will love the comfortable fit. Meanwhile, you’ll love the mix of modern and traditional design, not to mention the safety they provide on the slopes.

Trust Timeless Design and Practicality for Kids Skiing, Ages 4-8
Taking your kids skiing is a great way to get them outdoors in the winter. Plus, you’ll introduce them to a sport you love at the same time.
So, what’s the best way to give your kids a taste for the adventure of a snowy hill and the wind nipping at your heels?
Get them into a set of skis in which they can learn and grow at their own pace.

Flexible Design
These wooden skis fit that bill beautifully. They feature a flexible design for a secure fit for little feet. The pre-mounted bindings and attached straps are sturdy and reliable, and will easily stand up to whatever your kids put them through.
Safe and Secure Heel Lift and Bindings
The bindings provide the right amount of heel lift without metal edges, which helps your kids stay safe on the slopes.

Choose Heirloom-Quality Wooden Skis with Both Beauty and Function
The first thing you may notice about these skis is their beautiful, heirloom design. They have a handcrafted appeal which is truly timeless, thanks to their durable yet elegant wooden construction.
Heirloom-Inspired Design
There’s a reason these skis look so classic. They mimic the wooden models that were pioneered in the late 19th century in Norway. Classic Scandinavian skis were handmade from beautiful wood, but they were high-tech, too, allowing for good weight distribution and even, smooth turns over the snow with no dragging or skidding.
Classic Appeal and Durability
Classic skis were also incredibly strong yet lightweight. In the same vein, these skis will last as long as your kids need them. They’ll take kids up and down hills, on cross-country skiing treks, and through play and skill-building.
Take Your Kids Skiing in Style and Safety

If you want your kids to ski in style and stay safe, the Lucky Bums Wooden Heirloom Skis with Bindings are the perfect fit.
The Lucky Bums brand is all about fun and leaving screens far behind for outdoor recreation. These skis will get your kids on the slopes and learning all about the excitement and exhilaration of the sport. The timeless design and construction will also ensure durability, flexibility, and security on all those hills, big and small.
These kids’ skiing must-haves will fit little feet from ages 4-8. Get your child ready to enjoy a lifetime of your favorite winter sport and strap them into these beautiful specimens. With time and patience, your kid will be swooping over the snow-covered slopes with confidence. However, it all starts with the right set of skis.

Product Features

  • TIMELESS- Inspired by classic wooden construction, yet features modern design conveniences
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN- Heirloom look ensures superior handmade construction whilst offering fun performance
  • INCREASED FUNCTION- The flexible design with pre-mounted bindings and attached straps to secure fit make these skis fully functional
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS- Bindings allow for heel lift without the metal edges for maximum safety on the slopes for kids 4 to 9
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED- Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship