Ski Storage Rack | Freestanding 5 Pair Skis Floor Rack | StoreYourBoard (Standard Skis)

Made by StoreYourBoard, the leaders in outdoor sports gear storage, this Freestanding Ski Rack is a heavy-duty, portable storage solution for all your skis!

Easy to Use, Freestanding Ski Storage. The Ski Rack is ready to use out of the box – no mounting or installation required (no wall damage). This makes it great for your home, garage, ski rental, ski shop, or lodge. Set it up wherever you need – it’s portable – move it to your car to load up for your next trip. No rack is easier to use than this one!

What Size Skis Will it Hold? The Ski Rack comes in 2 Sizes to fit all your skis!

Standard Size
-Holds 5 pairs of skis
-Fits skis with tails up to 4.5″ wide (115mm)
-Rack is 15″ tall x 27″ wide x 12″ tall

Wide Size
-Holds 4 pairs of wide skis
-Fits skis with tails up to 5.5″ wide (140mm)
-Rack is 15″ tall x 25″ wide x 12.5″ tall

Heavy Duty. The Ski Rack is made of heavy duty, polycarbonate (plastic) that is designed smartly to hold skis standing vertically, great for all types of skis – from kids’, race, powder, XC, and more!

Product Features

  • EASY SKI STORAGE: no installation or mounting required so no holes in your walls
  • FREESTANDING, PORTABLE: move it around your garage, home, rental, cabin or shop
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: Standard fits ski tails up to 115mm; Wide fits ski tails up to 140mm
  • HOLDS 4 PAIRS (Wide Size) or 5 PAIRS (Standard Size): great for families, rental homes, shops and more
  • HEAVY DUTY: hard molded plastic is rigid and strong to support your skis