Ski & Snowboard Boot Heel Wedges For Shoes That Are Too Big – 1/4 Inch Pad Inserts For Men and Women For Plantar Fasciitis (A Pair + 2 Fillers)


• Quantity : 1 pair(right and left) or 2 pieces(2 lefts or 2 rights)

• Materials : Polyurethane(bottom), Mary Mash(upper)

• Size : Fits most men’s shoes and some women’s shoes(Please check the measurements in the picture.)

Are you having heel pain? Do you want just a little heel lift so you feel taller and more confident?

Are you looking for heel pads that are extremely comfortable to wear?

Get these 0.3 inch heel pads to relieve your pain and give yourself a little height.

They are not only soft and long-lasting but also amazingly comfortable to wear.

We recommend using them under your insoles or gluing them so they don’t move around. Bigger size shoes are not necessary but please give yourself at least a little bit extra space. Throw these in and you’ll enjoy extreme comfort and slightly increased height.

Product Features

  • HEEL INSOLES – These don’t take up the front space in your shoes so you don’t need bigger size shoes. Just slide them under the manufacturer’s insoles, and you will be able to enjoy the comfort and additional height.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – These are quality inserts you can wear all day long comfortably. They provide a heel liner as well as support the arch of your foot therefore relieving pain due to Plantar Fasciitis and low arches.
  • OPTION TO CHOOSE 2 LEFT OR 2 RIGHT LIFTS – Some people need lifts for leg length discrepancies and only need them for one leg. Therefore, we created an option where you can choose to buy two of one foot or the other. You don’t need to waste your money on two pairs.
  • FITS MOST SHOES – These insoles can be used in most shoes, men’s or women’s, especially men’s dress shoes. Be sure to check the measurements to make sure that they will fit your shoes. They can also be cut to fit your size.